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The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools funds innovative program ideas from teachers and staff that have a direct and measurable impact on student learning.

Goals of the Foundation’s Grant Program:
Provide large grants to Eden Prairie education professionals seeking to make significant change.
Serve as an incubator for great ideas that impact curriculum, instruction and assessment while achieving meaningful, measurable results.
Encourage ideas that have a direct and significant impact on students’ passion for learning.

Are you a teacher or staff member with a great idea? Grant applications are accepted in January.

2006-2018 Grant Summary

2018 Grants

In February 2018, The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools approved the following grants totaling almost $20,000.  These grants are funded through generous donations!

Let’s Code for Girls! ($1,602) This grant provides Ozobot Evo STEM education materials for an innovative way to teach programming, math, and science in classrooms and after-school clubs. It will benefit 100 students.  Community Education

Silent Pedal Power Chargers  ($500) This grant provides one Silent Pedal Power Charger, as well as other chargers, which will allow students to charge their iPads and meet student need for movement at the same time. It will benefit 158 students.  Central Middle School 8th Grade

Spheros for Science ( $1,200)    This grant provides Sphero Spark Programmable Robots, which expose students to coding while they collaborate in groups. The lessons scaffold through many design challenges. It will benefit 125 students.  Oak Point Elementary School 6th Grade

Qball in the Classroom! Throw your Voice!  ($925)       This grant provides Qball Throwable Wireless Microphones, allowing all students to hear, and be heard by, all others. It will benefit 125 students.  Forest Hills Elementary 2nd Grade

Solar Energy Explorations in Physics  ($2,722)     This grant provides solar cell experiment equipment to increase relevancy and engagement in the electrical power and energy units for all high school physics courses. It will lead to a better understanding of the solar panels installed on all district buildings. It will benefit 450 students.  Eden Prairie High School 12th Grade

Renewable Energy STEM Resources ($1,846) This grant will provide materials and equipment for solar and wind energy investigations. They will be incorporated into the Endless Possibilities, Inspiring Children (EPIC) classes, in which students explore, design, and engineer. It will benefit 175 students.  Community Education 1st-6th Grade

The following are grants with community partners:

My Book Day – All 1st Grade ($5,000): This grant provides funding in support of a citywide celebration, which takes place in April at Eden Prairie High School. At this event, all first grade students receive  a high-quality hardbound book, selected from a collection of six books they have been reading throughout the year. This grant is in partnership with the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary

School Supplies – All grades ($2,800) This grant provides school supplies for the start of the school year, for all students who register as needing supplies. Last year, 550 total K-12 students were served, and items can be purchased by PROP which are not commonly donated.  This grant is in partnership with PROP Food Shelf, Eden Prairie Community Education and Grace Church.

Growing Through Grief Program  – Eden Prairie High School ($2,000) In partnership with Park Nicollet.





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