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The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools funds innovative program ideas from teachers and staff that have a direct and measurable impact on student learning.

Goals of the Foundation’s Grant Program:
Provide large grants to Eden Prairie education professionals seeking to make significant change.
Serve as an incubator for great ideas that impact curriculum, instruction and assessment while achieving meaningful, measurable results.
Encourage ideas that have a direct and significant impact on students’ passion for learning.

Are you a teacher or staff member with a great idea? Grant applications are accepted in January.

2018 Staff Grant Criteria
2018 Grant Application Form

Teachers and Staff, send your grant application to Sarah Cheesman.  You can link to her email from this link:  scheesman@edenpr.org

Grant Awards 2006-2015

2017 Grants

In February 2017, FEPS approved the following grants totaling almost $33,000.

Google Expedition Kit – All CMS Students ($10,000):   This grant provides virtual reality tools, created by Google, which allow students to take field trips all over the world, into space, and even inside the human body.   This kit contains all that is needed to create this experience for students in an easy-to-use format.

Spheros: Rolling Balls of Coding Magic – Eden Lake 3rd – Clay & 4th Graders – Brown ($1,100):   This grant provides Spheros, which are baseball-sized plastic spheres that use coding apps to perform various tasks.  They will be used to teach coding principles.  Spheros lessons can be used to work on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), the 21st Century Skills of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking (The 4 Cs), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) processes, and supports the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program.

3D Models and Equipment to Teach Chemistry – Eden Prairie High Schools Chemistry – Hering  ($5,000): This grant provides materials which use three-dimensional models and lab equipment to teach microscopic concepts in chemistry.  These concepts include water and its interactions, ionic compounds, orbitals of the quantum mechanical model of the atom, pH, heat flow and properties of metals.

Tower Garden – Eden Lake 3rd Graders ($3,750):   This grant provides an amazing interactive way to meet science standards while teaching about plants, and how they grow. The Tower Gardens allows for planting, harvesting, and consuming the produce grown through the entire year. It is an aeroponic system, which allows greater understanding of plant life cycles.

STEM Materials for Community Ed Programs – Education Center Pre-K through 12th ($1,200):  This grant provides items which will be used in programming designed to support students who are struggling academically. Community Education Youth Programs have seen the interest in STEM opportunities blossom at all age levels and want to continue to support students in those areas. They plan to purchase a variety of non-consumable items to support the beginnings of a MakerSpace-type resource.

Creative Corner – CMS – Welch ($1,392):   This grant provides additional ways to creatively share learning, which will benefit all CMS students looking for additional ways to share what they learned. It includes tools to enhance video production, gamification of educational ideas, and enhance visual learning.

Great Outdoors: Engineering with Heat & Snow – Eden Lake Elementary.  This grant is sponsored by 3M Prairie View & Forest Hills 6th Grade Mosaic ($1,809): This grant provides a unique opportunity to learn through a STEM unit while using natural Minnesota resources. This engineering and science unit joins the Mosaic programs at Prairie View and Forest Hills. Tools include shovels, scales, goggles, spatulas, thermometers, thermocouples and storage shed. Students experiment their way through a project, which results in the development of a constructed quinzee (a snow survival shelter). Students will graph, summarize, journal and build a portfolio of their learning.

The following are grants with community partners:

My Book Day – All 1st Grade ($5,000): This grant provides funding in support of a citywide celebration, which takes place in April at Eden Prairie High School. At this event, all first grade students receive a personalized library card and their choice of a high-quality hardbound book, selected from a collection of six books they have been reading throughout the year. This event includes small-group reading by celebrity readers, such as police officers, fire fighters and military personnel in uniform; school board members; and other community volunteers.  This grant is in partnership with the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary

School Supplies – All grades ($2,800) This grant provides school supplies for the start of the school year, for all students who register as needing supplies through People Reaching Out to People (PROP). Last year, 550 total K-12 students were served, and items can be purchased by PROP which are not commonly donated. It is important to their young clients, especially middle and high school students, to start the school year successfully. This grant is in partnership with PROP Food Shelf

CounterAct – 5th Grade ($2,400)  This grant provides funding for the 5th Grade Counter Act Program, which teaches elementary students the importance of good decision making, as it relates to alcohol and drug abuse, bullying, violence, and property crimes. School liaison police officers provide instruction in every fifth grade classroom.    This grant is in partnership with the Police Crime Fund.




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