Why do we need a Foundation?

We are fortunate to be part of the Eden Prairie community, which has a strong, valued and well-respected school system. Funding provided to public schools is limited, and our school district does an outstanding job of using the resources it has. The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools enhances the experiences of students in our district by funding innovative programs that are outside of district funding. The Foundation’s partnership with the district is an even higher priority as the community continues to change and grow and state funding decreases.

Why should I give to the Foundation?

You value a high-quality education and want Eden Prairie students to go beyond the basics. Programs funded by the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools promote new ideas and tools that take student learning to the next level. Learn more about the impact of the Foundation’s teacher and staff grants.

How does The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools support our schools?

  • Grants: Grants are awarded to innovative and creative programs that have a direct and measurable impact on students. Since the inception of the teacher and staff grant program in 2006, the Foundation has awarded over $700,000 in grants.
  • Scholarships: The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools administers 12 college scholarships awarded to seniors graduating from Eden Prairie High School.
  • Legacy Awards: This annual event honors teachers, staff, volunteers, alumni, community members and students who have made significant contributions to Eden Prairie Schools.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

How does the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools raise money?

We raise money in three ways:

Do other school districts have Foundations?

Yes, school districts across the country have similar foundations, including more than 50 in Minnesota.

What is the difference between the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools (FEPS) and the Eden Prairie Community Foundation?

The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools (FEPS) funds programs within the schools that build on curriculum. The Eden Prairie Community Foundation supports community organizations and projects.

Thank You For Your Support!

It’s because of you, our donors and partners, that we can support Eden Prairie students.