Kindness and Appreciation Project

 Thank someone who makes a difference in our schools and community!

The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools has its annual Kindness and Appreciation Project (formerly known as Appreciation Gift fundraiser) in May and December.  Take the time to show kindness or your appreciation for someone in our schools or in Eden Prairie with a gift and personalized message.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to purchase a Kindness and Appreciation Gift:

  • Thank a favorite teacher, friendly bus driver, or helpful counselor.
  • Acknowledge a district staff member or administrator who goes the extra mile.
  • Recognize a great coach or activity leader.
  • Is your student graduating this year? Acknowledge your favorite teachers throughout the years. Or thank someone who. helped with your senior’s college application.
  • Thank an employee, co-worker or client in the community.

Gifts can be ordered and delivered through December 31st.
$5 Star Card – your personalized message will be delivered on a card.
$20 4 mini pack of popcorn with personalized message
$60 popcorn tin with personalized message (great for a company or department)

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Share kindness and show appreciation through out the year – share your kindness story on Twitter at @Foundation4EPS

Here are just some ways to share a kindness.  You can also attach one of these cards Kindness and Appreciation cards.
Pick up trash outside * Compliment someone * Write holiday cards to military and give them to the AM EP Rotary *Shovel a neighbor’s driveway * Donate old clothes to a nonprofit like PROP Shop * Volunteer time to a nonprofit like Bridging * Clean a park * Leave a bag of popcorn on a Redbox * Leave a new pack of wet wipes in a family bathroom for a mom * Send supplies to natural disaster victims * Donate blood @ North Memorial Blood Centers * Read a story to kids at the Eden Prairie Library * Write inspirational messages on post-its and hand them out at EP Center * Pay for a stranger’s coffee * Donate food to a local food shelf like PROP * Make someone laugh * Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life * Tape coins to a playground for kids to find * Hide money in the dollar store * Bring donuts to work * Bring flowers to a nursing home like Clare Bridge of Eden Prairie * Leave a generous tip * Mentor someone through STRIVE * Cook a meal for someone * Drop off bus tickets to a shelter * Give care packs to homeless * Tape coupons to products in stores * Leave extra quarters in carts at Aldi’s * Tape change to a vending machine at the Eden Prairie Community Center * Donate books to little libraries * Leave bubbles at Eden Valley Park * Leave a small gift card in a strangers windshield at Southwest Station * Design a kindness poster and hang it for all to see * Shop at small businesses * Tutor local students * Donate helmets to the local Police Department * Bring Dog treats to Flying Cloud Animal Hospital * Bring hot chocolate to those who work outside * Invite someone with no family to your Thanksgiving Dinner * Adopt a family for Christmas * Bring a muffin and coffee to teachers * Give a treat to the mailman * Donate diapers to a daycare * Tape a candy cane to the ATM * Call a grandparent * Make a bird feeder

Proceeds from this fundraiser support our teacher and staff grants.








Thanks For Your Support!

It’s because of you, our donors and partners, that we can support Eden Prairie students.