FEPS Distributes 3M School Supplies District-wide: Thank You 3M!

FEPS Board Member, Liz Lindner, put together a 3M supplies display table for teachers at Prairie View Elementary.

3M Corporation/3M Foundation has been a generous corporate partner to FEPS for many years.  They are always there to provide much needed funding for the many grant requests FEPS receives from Eden Prairie School District teachers and staff.  In addition to the grant money, 3M also donates school supplies of a variety of popular 3M products to our classrooms.  This past year was no exception, and as teachers and staff were still adjusting to getting their classrooms ready to welcome back students and looking forward to a productive school year, 3M stepped up once again and offered to fill their supply needs.


In the past, 3M has sent supplies to each individual school, however, this year due to Covid-19 restrictions they needed a more coordinated effort and asked FEPS to accept the supplies for the entire school district and disseminate them to each school dependent upon their specific needs.  FEPS accepted their offer, and over several months we took in three pallets of products including Post-it notes, Scotch tape, masking tape, packaging tape, glue sticks, cleaning supplies, protective eyewear and goggles for science labs, and laminating machines, to name a few.  Needless to say, their generosity touched every classroom and student in our district!


The 3M supplies table at Forest Hills Elementary.

As 3M was donating the supplies, FEPS Board of Director volunteers were behind the scenes planning for the coordinated distribution of the thousands of products to each and every school in the district, from Early Childhood Education through to the Eden Prairie High School.  On August 31, while teachers were readying their classrooms for the return of students in September, our FEPS volunteers were packing boxes of supplies, delivering the boxes to each individual school, and setting up supply tables for teachers to “shop” for their classrooms. 


Karen Farris, with Eden Lake Elementary, who made special welcome bags for newly hired teachers at her school said, “We had a number of new teaching staff who were building their classroom supplies from scratch and they were so happy to get their welcome bag full of much needed 3M products to share with their students.”  


Jazmin Hankerson, with Forest Hills Elementary, shared that, “The teachers left nothing behind from the supplies display table today, and the art teacher is even planning a special project with all of the decorative 3M Washi Tape.”


Students in Ms. Welter’s Anatomy classroom concentrated on dissecting a liver while sporting all 3 styles of the donated 3M protective lab eyewear.

Eden Prairie High School students in Ms. Kjersten Welter’s Physiology and Anatomy Class were thrilled to receive their science lab goggles and protective eyewear.  Ms. Welter commented that, “This year it was especially important to have protective eyewear for every student in the science labs, as we are not able to share such items due to Covid-19 protocols.”


The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools is extremely grateful to have a tremendous partner like 3M.  Their generosity is felt throughout the Eden Prairie School District through their 3M STEM Grants, their school supply donations, and their overall commitment to the community.  Thank you 3M!