FEPS Awards $60,000 in 2021 Student Scholarships to Eden Prairie Seniors

By Dr. Lisa Sisinni, Executive Director, FEPS

Though many things have changed for everyone this past year, one thing that has remained steadfast is FEPS’ wish to recognize and celebrate the outstanding qualities of our high school seniors by awarding scholarships for post-secondary education. On May 13, during the Scholarship Awards Program at the high school, FEPS introduced the students who were selected by the hard-working FEPS Student Scholarship Committee. Under the leadership of Student Scholarship Committee Chair, Deb Karulf, they sifted through over 200 scholarship applications, interviewed students, and painstakingly selected 15 students that best represented the purpose of the specific scholarship for which they applied.  Thank you to Deb, and her dedicated committee members: Anne Byrne, Ann Berne Rannow, Sarah Cheesman, Dr. Richard Karulf, Ginny Leppart, Suzie Sime and Mary Strampe, and FEPS Board Members John Estall, Kristen Jonason and Liz Lindner who also reviewed applications.  Deb commented that, “Every year we are amazed by the unbelievable quality and accomplishments of our student applicants.  This year was no exception, as they were all so deserving and we only wish we could have given a scholarship to each and every one of them!”  Meet the amazing and outstanding students that were selected to receive a 2021 FEPS Student Scholarship!

For a complete list of the 2021 Scholarship Recipients, visit our Students page.