FEPS awarded $65,500 in student scholarships for 2023

On Thursday May 18, the Eden Prairie High School Auditorium was filled with outstanding high school seniors and their family members, friends, school staff, and community well-wishers, as the annual student scholarship ceremony presenters recognized and paid tribute to the many students receiving scholarships for their post-secondary education.  Thanks to the generosity of the many families who have chosen the FEPS Board of Directors to be caring stewards of their funds and administer their scholarships each year.  Once again, FEPS overwhelmingly led the pack of organizations offering scholarships awarding 15 scholarships, which were presented to 21 students, for a total of $65,500 in scholarships — the largest award in the history of FEPS!
Dr. Lisa Sisinni, Executive Director for FEPS, noted that, “It is such a fun experience to learn about these amazing seniors who maintain high academic achievements while involving themselves in numerous extra-curricular activities, community service activities, and important volunteer and job responsibilities.  They also have the biggest dreams ever for their future, and every time the evening ends I think, this is why FEPS is so important, as we are able to financially assist those students to make their dreams become a reality!”
Anna Anderson, FEPS Chair of the Board, added that, “FEPS appreciates the opportunity to offer scholarships that reach many different sectors and interests of our student body.  We look forward to continuing to build our scholarship offerings in the future.”  Congratulations to all of our Student Scholarship Recipients!
Following is the list of Student Scholarships and this year’s deserving recipients:

Bergman Family Scholarship

Karina Ariza-Jimenez – University of Nevada-Reno


Boyd-Estall Family LGBTQ & Allies Scholarship

Johann Valente – University of Minnesota-Rochester

Caitlin Warshaw – University of Vermont


Sydney M. Galleger Memorial Scholarship

Maya Bond – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Taylor Clark – Fashion Institute of Technology


Griffiths Family Scholarship in Computer Science, Engineering or Manufacturing

Adam Mertens – United States Naval Academy


Griffiths Family Scholarship in Health Sciences

Sarah Cornelius – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Holasek Griffiths Scholarship in Business

Thomas Lippincott – Indiana University


Ron Iverson Memorial Scholarship

Lauren D’Costa – University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Matheson Family Technical School Scholarship

Raul Gonzalez Chirinos – Normandale Community College

Isaac Meyers – Lake Superior College


Noel-Karulf/Class of 1973 “Spirit” Scholarship

Annika Anderson – Creighton University


Suzie Sime Theatre Scholarship

Miriam Szendre – Brigham Young University


Christina P. Stolz “Life Bandmates” Scholarship

Patrick Landwehr – University of St. Thomas

Peyton Scott – University of St. Thomas


Matthew Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Raul Gonzalez Chirinos – Normandale Community College


Randell D. Voas Memorial Scholarship 
Colin Beyer – University of North Dakota


Jonas Wagner “Viva la Vida” Memorial Scholarship

Madison Bonkowske – San Diego State University

Nicholas Quirin – Ohio State University


Chris Wivholm Memorial Scholarship

Faysal Abdullahi – Augsburg College

Sophia Hansen – San Diego State University





Past Scholarships:

By Dr. Lisa Sisinni, Executive Director, FEPS

Though many things have changed for everyone this past year, one thing that has remained steadfast is FEPS’ wish to recognize and celebrate the outstanding qualities of our high school seniors by awarding scholarships for post-secondary education. On May 13, during the Scholarship Awards Program at the high school, FEPS introduced the students who were selected by the hard-working FEPS Student Scholarship Committee. Under the leadership of Student Scholarship Committee Chair, Deb Karulf, they sifted through over 200 scholarship applications, interviewed students, and painstakingly selected 15 students that best represented the purpose of the specific scholarship for which they applied.  Thank you to Deb, and her dedicated committee members: Anne Byrne, Ann Berne Rannow, Sarah Cheesman, Dr. Richard Karulf, Ginny Leppart, Suzie Sime and Mary Strampe, and FEPS Board Members John Estall, Kristen Jonason and Liz Lindner who also reviewed applications.  Deb commented that, “Every year we are amazed by the unbelievable quality and accomplishments of our student applicants.  This year was no exception, as they were all so deserving and we only wish we could have given a scholarship to each and every one of them!”  Meet the amazing and outstanding students that were selected to receive a 2021 FEPS Student Scholarship!

For a complete list of the 2021 Scholarship Recipients, visit our Students page.