3M Grant Funds $5,000 for New Teleprompters for Eagle News Network

From left to right: Paul Chappelle – 3M Plant Manager, Charlie Welter, Izzy Gonzalez, and Samara Koshiol.

By Dr. Lisa Sisinni, Executive Director, FEPS

Did you ever think that it would be fun to be a news anchor, produce a broadcast, be a camera person in a newsroom, or run high tech equipment behind-the-scenes at a television station? Well, that is exactly what some of Alex Bauer’s journalism students are learning to do at the Eden Prairie High School as they prepare for the productions of the Eagle Vision News Network. Last Fall 2020, when 3M-Eden Prairie learned of the dire need for new teleprompters for the Eagle News Network to replace 20 year old outdated equipment, they generously stepped up and donated $5,000. Last week, Paul Chappelle who is the 3M-Eden Prairie Plant Manager, FEPS Chair Anna Anderson and I, were welcomed by EPHS Principal Robb Virgin and teachers Alex Bauer and Perry Kennedy who works with Eagle News Network and their students, to see those new teleprompters in action. 


All I can say is WOW — the visit was amazing! We got to observe first-hand the importance of the addition of these teleprompters to the professionalism of the news broadcast. But, the students were the real stars, all taking their places and being “on the mark” for each of their individual parts of the production. We got a chance to watch the students produce their newscast and they were nothing less than poised, professional, creative and brilliant! The most fun for me was to watch Paul Chappelle interact with the students as they thanked him and shared how much of an impact the 3M Grant made to their experiential learning opportunity. We all left that day knowing that the collaborative effort between FEPS, 3M Foundation Grant funding, and the cutting edge technology sought out by the teachers will forever enhance and contribute to the students’ future success!

 Hear what the students had to say about their enhanced newsroom in the video below.