2013 Fall Grants

In December 2013, FEPS announced its fall grants for the 2013-14 school year. Four grants totaling $21,800 were approved.

My Book Day at all elementary schools:  Eden Prairie Noon Rotary in cooperation with EP Schools was awarded $5,000 in support of a city-wide celebration, which takes place in early May where all first grade students in Eden Prairie receive their choice of a high quality hardbound book, selected from a collection of six books they have been reading throughout the year. This event includes small-group reading by celebrity readers, (Police, Fire and Military personnel in uniform, school board members, and other volunteers), and receipt of a personalized library card.

“WOW!!! Thank you Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools! What a delightful surprise to hear that your organization selected to support the next My Book Day Literacy Program. We are humbled by your generosity and now even more committed to our efforts to help improve literacy within our local schools. This grant is highly appreciated and valued by all of us at Eden Prairie Noon Rotary, our partners within the schools, at the library and throughout the community. (Of course, Eden Prairie’s 625+ first-graders thank you too!) Speaking on behalf of Eden Prairie Noon Rotary and the My Book Day Literacy Program partners, we are looking forward to working with you on this program in 2014 and supporting any request you have for documentation, interviews and feedback. Of course we also welcome any chance to involve FEPS Board Members and volunteers to participate as you choose to. Thank you once again!” ~  John Steinlicht, EP Noon Rotary


Wide Format Printer at EPHS:  Steve Meyers was awarded $4,800 for a wide format printer, the latest technology for students in Tech Ed classes, allowing them to develop unique working products from their digital creations. This funding will increase creative capabilities in our Civil Engineering & Architecture, Photography, and Digital Photography courses, using the latest formats in presentation media.


Literacy Achievement in Secondary Schools at EPHS:  Jon Kahle was awarded $10,000 to provide texts (both online & hard copy books) to support literacy across the content areas. This grant helps address concerns for struggling readers, who need high school books with different reading levels and it will help build the district’s capacity to enable our students to grow as readers, regardless of the content areas they study.

“Thank you for making my day, my week, my year. I am thrilled to learn that FEPS has agreed to support our reading efforts at EPHS by funding my grant request. I promise to be a good steward of the funds and will share any and all results with you and the board. Again, thanks. Your support will make a huge difference for so many of our students at EPHS.”  ~  Jon Kahle, EPHS


Destiny Library Books at Preschool (Lower Campus & Education Center):  Amanda Baumann & Rae Ann Brenckman were awarded $2,000 to expand the offerings for our Preschool at Lower Campus and the Education Center by funding the purchase of library books, classroom books, and hands-on interest center materials. This grant will enhance academic achievement in literacy, offering deeper, richer learning environments for a larger student population.

“Thank you for your generosity and for supporting the youngest learners in Eden Prairie. Our staff are working hard to have ALL children ready for kindergarten and your confidence in their efforts is affirming. The staff and students will benefit from the added books and interest centers that you are kindly funding. We are happy to provide digital updates and would be overjoyed to have you visit our site when our work is completed. Thank you for all you are doing to support Eden Prairie Schools’ staff and students.”  ~  Rae Ann Brenckman, EP Preschool