2011 Grants

The Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools (FEPS) is proud to announce this year’s grant winners.

In January 2012, the FEPS board of directors awarded $24,950 to Eden Prairie Schools for innovative new programs in the district. Two of the grants are paid for by generous donations from the Matheson Endowment and ADC Foundation. A majority of the funding for the grants comes from funds raised at the Taste of Eden Prairie.

2011 Grant Recipients

The following grants will support and enhance the legacy of excellence in the Eden Prairie Schools:

A Field Study of Insects at CMS:  Colleen Grant & Sue Nielsen have been awarded $3,200 to purchase the supplies necessary for 700 students at CMS to organize and carry out a field study in the natural environment. Students will collect, identify, and classify insects, as well as analyze data. This new idea compliments the life science curriculum. The students will perform laboratory methods and critical thinking skills like professional scientists.

Leadership Coaching at EPHS:  Irene Kelly & Conn McCartan have been awarded $5,000 to provide training to high school teachers in leadership coaching. It compliments and extends an existing program. Educators who have integrated coaching skills into their methods report that students are personally empowered, significantly more self-directed and measurably improve their academic performance. This grant was sponsored by the Matheson Family endowment.

“It was such a treat to join you at the reception this afternoon, share the vision for our grant, hear the innovation being supported by FEPS and know the great distance FEPS has come. Please share my congratulations with the board for “SUPERB” work to have taken FEPS to this level. It takes tremendous passion, energy and effort … it is clear that all are present. On behalf of our team, I want to share our gratitude for your support of our coaching grant and also express gratitude to you for all that you do to support excellence in EP Schools.”
~ Irene on behalf of Nancy, Conn & Gary

A Vision for Reading at Eden Lake:  Lisa Birno & Amy Youngstrom have been awarded $7,500 to purchase a Visagraph device that records eye movements using infrared sensors through a set of goggles that connect to a PC. It represents cutting-edge reading therapy. Data collected identifies visual inefficiencies that may occur as a student reads, helping determine appropriate interventions and monitor student progress as they improve. This grant was sponsored by the ADC Foundation.

Reading A-Z for Literacy Achievement at Forest Hills:  Adam Leicht has been awarded $2,600 to provide iPod touches, an iPad, and a variety of apps, primarily those created by the Learning A-Z website. This site focuses on vocabulary development and word recognition skills by providing quality texts with challenging vocabulary coupled with extensive and rigorous instruction with that challenging vocabulary. The use of this app is approved by EP Tech and will compliment current literacy plans.

Focus on Learning at Prairie View:  Mary Andert has been awarded $6,649 to provide 540 elementary students with two classroom sets of digital cameras to be used with a new interdisciplinary curriculum which integrates language arts, math, art, social studies, and science. Students will be sharing and writing about what they photograph in order to make learning more relevant.