2010 Grants

In late 2010, FEPS awarded $27,500 to Eden Prairie Schools for the following grants:

World Savvy at CMS:  Melissa Damon & Karen Nelson were awarded $3,510 to fund a World Affairs Challenge to be added to Enriched Social Studies courses at CMS. This program engaged students in project-based learning to explore some of today’s most pressing local and global issues. The topic for 2011 was, “Food: Feeding the Planet Sustainably in the 21st Century.” This grant was sponsored by the Matheson Family endowment.grants2010-400

Equipment upgrade for Eagle Vision Studios at EPHS:  Perry Kennedy was awarded $3,018 to purchase upgraded and advanced equipment for the video production and journalism program at EPHS. The wave of the future in television production is high definition P2 Cards and Readers. This grant helped set EPHS students above the average for equipment knowledge and usage, while it also benefited the programming enjoyed by up to 10,000 viewers per day. This grant was sponsored by the ADC Foundation.

Rolling Book Bins at CMS:  Jon Kahle was awarded $8,000 to purchase 6-8 Rolling Book Bins to supplement content-area curriculum with high-interest, multi-reading level, non-fiction books. This grant helped improve our secondary students’ comprehension of non-fiction, which is the mode of delivery for over two-thirds of classroom instruction at their age level.

All Aboard for Childhood Literacy at Eden Prairie Family Center:  Rae Ann Brenckman was awarded $7,500 to provide best practice supplies and equipment for enabling school readiness by pre-kindergarten students. Money went towards a Professional Curriculum Library and also 250 quality children’s books. This is a research-proven method of lowering the achievement gap in early childhood.

“THANK YOU again for your generosity and for asking me to share our journey at Monday’s meeting. Our staff is grateful for your support and are collaborating in ways we previously have not–all for the benefit of the children. Our students are benefitting from the many books–big, board, fiction and non-fiction as well as the other wonderful literacy materials that you paid for including games and alphabet puzzles, listening centers, hands-on letter, sound, and rhyming manipulatives and more. Thank you again for your support.”  ~  Rae Ann Brenckman

Teamwork on the Dangle Duo at EPHS:  Nancy Pudas was awarded $4,986 to purchase and install a new “Dangle Duo” element to enhance the high ropes course at the high school. Students work in groups on the physical elements of a ropes course in order to solve a problem that forces them to push beyond their comfort zone and analyze needs and best practices. Dangle Duo requires students to safely climb 30-feet in the air by using ropes to go up a series of ever-widening gaps between boards.