2008 Grants

In late 2008, FEPS awarded $29,000 in grants to six teachers/staff members in the District.

FEPS received over $185,000 in grant applications from 26 applicants. Grants were awarded based on a number of criteria including impact on student engagement and learning, potential scope of impact, and sustainability. Foundation for Eden Prairie School Grants were awarded to the following primary applicants:

Barbara Astry at Eden Prairie High School ($5,044) – for books, computer books and other materials in support of struggling readers and, in particular, in support of a growing population of autistic students.

Lisa Birno at Eden Lake ($4,500) – for creation of toolkits for classroom teachers to use as they implement a Read-to-Self program which provides for large blocks of structured, independent reading time and encourages students to be independent, successful readers.

Karen Casey at Cedar Ridge ($6,838) – to fund a multidisciplinary program (reading, writing, the arts) called Classroom Conversations on Race and Diversity which involves children more directly in the districts equity goals.

Lori Ford at Eden Prairie High School ($6,355) – for the purchase of software which allows teachers to simultaneously monitor, control, and share computer lab resources from a single location thereby facilitating and enhancing classroom instruction.

Sarah Kuipers at Prairie View ($2,300) – to allow the creation of reusable kindergarten literacy backpacks which include books and props that students can take home and which will promote and encourage parent-child reading time.

Michael Welsh with Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) ($4,000) – to facilitate the establishment of father-initiated support and informational services and parent-child activities which will aid fathers of children with special needs.

The Foundation solicits requests for grants district-wide. This was the second year in a row that grant requests totaled over $185,000.