2015 5k for EP Schools – Color Run

5K for EP Schools Color Run –

Pictures from 2015 5k for EP Schools Color Run

5K for EP Schools Color Run


Join us on Saturday, September 26, 2015 for the 5K4EPS Color Run!

The focus on this 5K event is fun, not competition, as participants are blasted with color at various “Color Stations” and join together for a big group Color Throw at the end!

Participants will experience a special Light Blue Color Station in honor of Sydney Galleger as the Eden Prairie Community continues to celebrate her life.

Note: No pets please. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

  • 7/24/15 – Early Bird Registration begins$30 per entry. Includes guaranteed t-shirt size and participant bag.
  • 9/11/15 – Early Bird Registration ends$35 per entry. Includes t-shirts as sizes and supplies last and participant bag.
  • 9/24/15 – Race Packet Pick UpAll participants may pick up race packets for themselves, family and/or friends on Thursday, September 24 from 4:00-7:00pm at the EPHS High School Activities Center Lobby. Plan on picking up your packet(s) on this date for your Race Day t-shirt and other items for the event to avoid a delayed or missed start time at the 5K4EPS Color Run!
  • 9/24/15 – Online Registration Ends!
  • 9/26/15 – The 5K4EPS Color Run!EPHS High School, 17185 Valley View Rd, 553467:00-8:15am: Race Day Registration/Late Packet Pickup8:00-8:15am: Zumba Dance Party

    8:30am: 5K4EPS Color Run Begins

    9:45am: Color Throw Celebration!

Do you have old shoes that you no longer wear? Bring them to the 5K on Sept 26th. FEPS is working with a local non-profit to repurpose them! Bins will be set up by the registration tables. Shoes of ALL kinds & sizes are welcome!


5K for EP Schools



What is the 5K4EPS Color Run?

This is an untimed 5K run/walk held rain or shine that begins in the amazing EPHS Aerie Stadium and goes through EP’s beautiful Round Lake Park where participants are blasted with color at various ‘Color Stations!’ The focus is on fun, not competition, so serious and non-serious runners alike will enjoy a happy morning of healthy fun . . . especially at the ‘Color Throw’ at the end! Wear a watch if you want to record your ‘official’ finish time!


Who may participate in the 5K4EPS Color Run?

All ages and abilities of humans will enjoy the 5K4EPS Color Run . . . fun for friends or families to get colorful together! The course includes two laps of Round Lake, but families with small children may opt for just one loop. For the safety of all our participants and volunteers, no pets/animals, roller blades, skateboards or bicycles are allowed on the course.


What is included in my Registration?

Each participant will receive an official 5K4EPS Color Run Shirt, official Race Bib and a swag bag containing other goodies! You will pick up your Race packet for yourself or friends/family the week prior to the event. Specific packet pick up information will be posted on the website within two weeks of the 5K4EPS Color Run. Packet pick-up will also be available early on the day of the 5K4EPS Color Run, but is discouraged as it may delay your start.


What is the ‘color’ made out of?

The “color” is made in the USA and is simply cornstarch colored with non-toxic & biodegradable FDA approved colorants.


What should I wear to the 5K4EPS Color Run?

Brand new shoes, an expensive white cashmere sweater and your fancy white leather pants are definitely NOT recommended items for the 5K4EPS Color Run! Plan on getting colorfully dirty, so wear your official white 5K4EPS Color Run T-shirt on top of and in addition to any other personal items you will not mind getting colorful! Go crazy and wear white tube socks, boas, tutus or even wigs to add to the fun!


Will the color ruin my clothes or running shoes?

Like anything dirty, the color mostly washes out after the first wash. If you would like to preserve the color in your running attire, first spray it with vinegar and then use an iron to set the color into your clothing. It’s more difficult to clean shoes (using a stiff brush helps), so you may prefer to wear old shoes instead of brand spanking new trainers!


How does the color affect my hair and eyes and nose?

Any color that may land in your hair should wash out in just one or two shampoos. We suggest wearing a cap or bandana if you have a special occasion later on in the evening . . . like the EPHS Homecoming Dance! Remember that the color is completely non-toxic, but you may prefer to wear glasses or goggles and a mask or bandana if you want to keep all the color completely away from your facial areas. Masks will be available for you at packet pick-up if you wish to wear one. The 5K4EPS Color Station volunteers are trained to blast color at waist height and never directly in your face!


Can I take pictures with my camera or cell phone?

Of course! You will want to capture all the fun of the 5K4EPS Color Run! Cameras can be used safely about 20-25 feet away but if you want to snap pics in the midst of a color blast, please put your device into a plastic sandwich bag to protect it from getting dusted with color.


Will the color get in my car on the way home?

You may want to bring some towels to sit on for the inside of your car, or you can bring a change of clothes for your ride home. There will be an area to store your gear during the 5K4EPS Color Run if you want to bring a change clothes.


Help! I have other questions!

Just contact one of the 5K4EPS Color Run Race Co-Chairs at estiollerman@comcast.net or jasonfamily@yahoo.com and we will be happy to help you!

HOMECOMING Advice from the EP Eagle – I don’t want blue hair!

Hey Eagle! I want to run the exciting new 5K4EPS Color Run on 9/26/15 and don’t want blue hair as it will clash with my new Homecoming Dress . . . any advice for me?

Dear Student:

There are many ways to keep your hair color-free during the 5K4EPS Color Run! Wear a hat to completely cover your hair; don a shower cap and top with a fun ball cap or wig; use coconut or olive oil or a leave-in conditioner if any hair will be exposed and then rinse with cold water before shampooing. . . light colored or highlighted hair seems to especially attract color, so plan accordingly! If your hair has some clinging color, I’ve heard a mixture of baking soda and blue Dawn dish soap can work wonders!


HOMECOMING Advice from the EP Eagle – How do I preserve my manicure when blasting color?

Hey Eagle! I plan on volunteering at a Color Station . . . how do I blast color on participants while preserving my manicure?

Dear Student:

Tell all your friends to volunteer with you to make the event even more fun! All volunteers will be given latex-free gloves and a face mask to wear, but feel free to double up on the latex-free gloves and bring along a pair of stretchy tight-fitting gloves if you are extra-concerned!


HOMECOMING Advice from the EP Eagle – How do I keep my body free from color?

Hey Eagle! Those are great suggestions to keep my hair and nails clean from color . . . thanks! But what if I am concerned about all my other body parts, too . . . any more tips?

Dear Student:

To stay as color-free as possible, just remember: less is NOT more! Take advantage of the cooler fall weather and wear layers for comfort and to block color on areas you want to keep clean. Wear leggings or pants, socks, old shoes, long-sleeve shirt/sweatshirt under your official white cotton 5K4EPS Color Run participant shirt, gloves, glasses and a hat/wig/bandana . . . participate in confidence once you have your body covered! Remember to dust off as much color powder as possible before you get in your car or apply any water once you get home!






The inaugural Alma Mater Trotter was held in 2009. Now called the 5K for EP Schools, this annual event takes place typically on the third Saturday of September. The 5K’s goals are threefold: 1) Increase the visibility of FEPS in the community, 2) Encourage EP schools’ families, alumni, faculty, staff and all community members to support Eden Prairie schools, and 3) Raise funds for FEPS’ teacher grants.