2011 Legacy Awards

 2011 Legacy Award Winners:

Teacher of the Year:
Vincent Thomas

Staff of the Year:
Kevin McGee
Jim Anderson,  Larry Paul,  Rick Brockopp, Ed Kerber,  Greg Paulsen,  Bryan Van Ningen

Volunteers of the Year:
Jo Benson
Ann Steen

Students of the Year: 

Alumni of the Year:
Paul Anderson

Students of the Year:
Zella Sahar
Emily Johnson
Andy Pollino

Feps Award Winners 2011


2011 Nominations:

Teacher of the Year nominees: Katy Anderson, Patrick Andrus, Chris Asuquo, Krysten Bachicha, Cathy Bockenstedt, Adam Cooke, Cheryl Crowley, Gordon Decker, Ann DeHoff, Rebecca Duchon, Dawn Fedora, Suzanne Fogarty, Windlan Hall, Laura Halloran, Aly Heelan, Jennifer Heyer, Kady Iversen, Jared Johnson, Dave Jones, Susan Josephson, Jesse Josephson, Corynn Koch, Adam Leicht, Erin McGowan, Laura Meyer, Holly Nelson, Marsha O’Brien, Rolf Olson, Steve O’Toole, Kate Palmer, Sarah Peterson, Nicole Pierson, Debbie Plager, Brent Pottinger, Kara Pottinger, Jeannine Quam, Kadee Ruhland, Barb Ryan, Liz Schuette, Sandy Schultz, Susie Sime, Katie Skramstad, Donna Smestad, Mary Kay Spangberg, Sue Stagg, Paola Tavera, Mike Terwilliger, Katie Tompkins, Kjersten Welter, Dawn Worley, Lisa Woxland, Rebekah Wunderlich and Barry Zeeb.

Staff of the Year nominees: Mary Alberts, Jim Bakken, Tracy Bredehoft, Emily Byers, Cedar Ridge Custodial Staff: Frank Formico, Martin Eckman, Joel Fors, Scott Rivard, Hung Le and Thu Nguyen, Eagle Heights Custodial Staff: Larry Johnson, Steve Favre, Joe Molzahn, Edward Keesling, Joseph Lopez, and Danny Wagner, Anita Gibson, Sue Hadden, Gayla Jensen, Perry Kennedy, Dawn Hoy, Lance Libengood, Patricia Magnuson, Jane Nayes, Dawn Olsen, Bea Reyes, Pat Sexton, Laurie Shaw, Dan Sprengeler, Mike Stokfisz, Mike Sullivan Fran White and Lisa Wood.

Volunteer of the Year nominees: Susan Boehm, Kathy Educate, Amy Fox, Esti Ollerman, Holly and Jeff Parker, Darryl Stanton, Jill Zangs and Christy Schively.

Alumni of the Year nominees: Deb Karulf, Ken Martin and Jenn Nelson.

Student of the Year nominees: Bill Hobbs, Jillian Steen and Jimmy Young



Thank you so much for the Legacy Awards recognition dinner last night. The whole evening was a wonderful event. And I want to especially thank you for all of your hard work supporting EP schools with all of the programs and events you sponsor. Thanks for caring about our schools and our kids so deeply.
~ Kevin McGee